Nano Gold Silver Toner Facial Radiant Water

Nano GoldSilver Facial Radiant Water is a timeless, luxurious homogenized blend of 24K Nano gold plus silver nanoparticles facial toner. The vibrant gold nanoparticles is a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, it helps to accelerate blood circulations via vitalizes the fiber tissue under skin and metabolism.

Silver Zinc Toner Sterling Facial Water

Sterling Facial Water is a synergized quantum facial toner formulated with colloidal silver and zinc nanoparticles to protect the skin against photo damage and promote wound & scarring healing.

pH5.5 Soft & Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel

This is a pH 5.5 mild and gentle facial cleanser that cleans and rinses well.
It removes surface impurities & make-up effectively.

Cell Activation Anti-Aging Drink

This is a refreshing beverage that is rich in Fruit Mix flavor, rich with Amino Acid & Bird’s Nest Extract, providing the necessary nutrients and proteins that helps in cell activation.

That’s Easy Detox Jelly

This is a cool detox product that helps to cleanse toxins inside the body that is rich in fibre and easy to consume, packed within a soluble sachets. Rich in Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Extract which helps to ease the detox process.