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Detox Jelly

This is a cool detox product that helps to cleanse toxins inside the body that is rich in fibre and easy to consume, packed within a soluble sachets. Rich in Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Extract which helps to ease the detox process.

Additional Information

RO Water, Fructose, Passion Powder, Mango Powder, Peach Powder, Pineapple Powder, Apple Fibre,, Oat Fibre, Hawthorn Extract, Psyllium Husk, Polydextrose, Fibre Gum, Soluble Com Fibre (PromitorTM 85), L-Camitine, Raspberry Ketone, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin C, Seaweed Extract & Sucralose.

Containing stabilizer and acidity regulator as permitted food conditioner

Directly consume 1 sachet daily before meal or after meal and at bedtime. Tear off and consume immediately. Best served chilled.

Keep in the cool and dry place. Prevent direct sunlight exposure and heat. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN.

20ml x 15 Sachets