ALaNA Silver Zinc Toner
Sterling Facial Water

Sterling Facial Water is a synergized quantum facial toner formulated with colloidal silver and zinc nanoparticles to protect the skin against photo damage and promote wound & scarring healing.

Nano Zinc can have a positive effect on reducing hyper-pigmentation that helps to clear skin naturally without any complications.

Colloidal silver exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation & antimicrobial activity that helps to clear bacteria in acne is also claimed to promote healing skin wounds.

Additional Information

Colloidal Silver, Nano Zinc, Niacinamide, Trymethylglicine.

Spray onto the face evenly. For optimum result, used as required.

No restrictions on the spraying frequency, used as required.

  • Acne free skin
  • Brightening, radiant.
  • Non oily greasy skin
  • Clean and clear skin
  • Enhance elastin and collagen
  • Maintains skin freshness & naturalness
  • Keeping skin bright, smooth with reduced pore size.
  • Rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Protects against oxidative stress. It helps build cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins.